We remove the negatives and ensure that your online reputation is CLEAN and positive.

How We Can Help Your Business

Whether you need serious repair or want to build more credibility, we can help. Unlike others, run an ethical and effective service. Our team will never use illegal or dishonest techniques to improve your reputation online. So you will never have to worry about our services potentially making your reputation worse.

Directory Listing Services

Besides including your name, address, phone numbers, and map section on your company’s web pages, local business directory entries are the primary steps for creating local SEO. We will help restore balance to your online reputation in a format that search engines prefer. Our system will carefully –

  • Build listings for you on key sites
  • Eliminate duplicate listings
  • Clean up existing business listings
  • Present to vital Data Aggregators

This makes an enormous difference in the quality and quantity of opportunities that come your way. Whether business listings or local listings, we are committed to helping you build them fast and effectively.

Listing Optimization Service

To review, correct, and claim all those listings would be cumbersome without Directory Listing Optimization by our Optimization experts. Using our 3Cs procedure of Directory Listing Optimization, we ensure that online directories help consumers locate and contact you for fresh business relationships.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing also tap into robust directories to assemble their organic results, and our web directories’ review ensures all details about your business are correct and complete.

Citation Building Service

Citations are simply online referencing of your business by name and address, name and phone number (NAP), or website – with or without a direct link to your website. Citations act like votes for your business. They indicate authority to search engines, strengthen your business, brand and geographic location, and can be a source of leads.

Our citation specialists help you gather correct and regular online mentions of your business name, address, phone number, and/or website – at the same time saving you time, money, and hassle so you can concentrate on delivering excellent and uninterrupted service to your customers and make money while doing it.

Review Building Service

Globalmode3 Concepts has a compelling strategy to get more positive reviews for your business through our review links methods, sequences, and scripts.

These activities aim to boost public trust and increase brand awareness of its products and services.

Online Reviews Survey indicates that 63.6 percent of consumers check reviews on Google before frequenting a business; thus, apart from your website, you need to build your online presence on several digital channels, such as local listings, directories, and business review sites. This will ensure that you remain competitive.


Unlocking Success with Reputation Marketing in Nigeria

Reputation marketing in Nigeria is a dynamic blend of reputation management and brand marketing. It’s the art of enhancing and restoring your company’s name and image, sweeping away any negativity, and paving the way for positivity around your brand.

This process isn’t passive; rather, it’s a proactive strategy. Reputation marketing harnesses the influence of review platforms and social media to shape how consumers perceive your brand or business. It’s about showcasing your business’s shining qualities and transforming prospects into dedicated, loyal customers.

In Nigeria, reputation marketing thrives on a toolkit of cutting-edge techniques, including online review management, social media mastery, content marketing, SEO wizardry, meticulous local listing management, and crafting an irresistible employer brand. These tools, among others, create a landscape where customers’ positive experiences shine brightly.

Nigeria welcomes thousands of global visitors each year, and many rely on online reviews to determine which businesses are worth their trust. If your reputation marketing in Nigeria is lacking or non-existent, you’re only scratching the surface of your business’s true potential.

Here’s the truth: What prospects and customers say about your business across various online platforms matters greatly. In Nigeria, consumers place immense trust in the opinions and reviews of fellow brand users. They’re more likely to respond positively to what other consumers are saying about your business than what you’re saying about yourself.

Ready to unlock the power of reputation marketing? Join us on a journey to success. Pay attention to what your prospects and customers are sharing about your business. Let’s create a reputation that shines as brightly as the Lagos sun. Your brand deserves nothing less.


This is powerful in order to get new traffic sources and new opportunities to reach new markets. Also, online reviews are trigger or social signals, web 2.0 signals that Google and other search engines use to rank a business higher in the search engines.

Most businesses or people you want to market to are on various social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube which are all-powerful online directories on their own. People now search for good reviews about your business on any of these platforms so you’ll do well to get those reviews for your business.

Without a doubt, we all need the “golden stars” in GMB to enhance people’s perception of our business

This eliminates bad publicity for your business and reinforces transparency.


Do you know that when new reviews are found on Facebook, Google My Business (GMB), or YELP, etc it creates new traffic sources as well because the more reviews you have the more traffic you’ll get. This is so simply because you’re showing better “Authority” and “Trust” in the marketplace.

It is important to know that putting these reviews on your website is a powerful strategy for building trust, and trust is the ultimate authority and now also the “ultimate currency” in online and even offline transactions.

 In addition,

* Your business or brand enjoys better and increased business opportunities.

* This marketing tactic is result-oriented and also a form of free advertising.

Let’s Connect Your Business to the RELEVANT Review Sites

 Research has shown that people trust reviews they see online as much as they believe recommendations from other people. We will work with you to recover and fix any damage on your reputation which has occurred earlier, so, while we restore your brand, you can focus on growing your business profitably

Take Control of your Online Reviews, before it’s too late.

Find & Remove Negative Reviews

Are negative search results making a bad first impression for your business? We can push negative content off the first page and out of sight so that prospects always see positive reviews from about your business. 


We proactively watch your brand’s online reviews and address concerns immediately with reputation marketing strategies that attract and increase clients.


We have the know-how and the strategies that’ll encourage your clients to Post Reviews about your business and their satisfaction. We’ll then use them to promote your brand on social media and on the most popular search engines.


What does a new website cost?

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How much does it cost to maintain website?

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How much do you charge?

Just like the results, the costs will depend on your individual situation as well. Once we’ve had a chance to review the scope of your online reputation, we’ll be able to provide you with a detailed quote.

How will Reputation Marketing boost my online credibility?

We shall integrate all our efforts into one focused campaign that will package your services and your client success stories into an “appealing Brand” and then We’ll begin distributing the content that we created during the early stages of the campaign.

This process will build up a body of online content that will indeed boost the online credibility of your business.

In addition to pushing negative content from the SERPs, this procedure will reassure your potential customers of your expertise and your level of customer service.

Come let’s discuss your marketing problems and let us boost your growth with resourceful and productive digital marketing solutions. Our team of creative web designers, brand specialists and advertising professionals never relax till they ensure that your business or brand is provided with high-quality, fast and affordable solutions.


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