Nowadays you can see two wonderful things about your business:

1. What people are saying about your business online, and
2. What local directories your business isn’t being found on.

But first, if you’ve got bad reviews or don’t have a lot of reviews online, don’t worry, we can help with our proprietary process. We can help turn your company into a market leader by helping you build a five-star reputation fast.
But then let’s look at it, exactly what do you need to do to build a five-star reputation?

Online marketing has changed in the past twelve months and make no mistake about it, thousands of customers search online daily for the type of products and services that you sell and they’re looking for the most reputable company to patronize or do business with.

Fact One:

It really doesn’t matter anymore if you’re on top of Google or Facebook, it takes a minimum of 6 to 10 five-star reviews for a company to be considered “trusted” by prospects; so are potential customers not able to find you or when they do, are they reading bad reviews about you or no reviews at all? The bottom line is without 6 to 10 Five-Star reviews new customers won’t trust you enough to pick up the phone, no matter how much money you’re spending on marketing.

Fact Two:

Customers look at an average of 6 to 10 reviews before they make a decision, so if you don’t have about that number of reviews on your site, then they’re simply going to jump to your competitors who have.

Now, let’s walk through what a local reputation report should look like, so you can get that phone ringing fast with new customers:

Part 1:

The first part of the report summarizes your reputation, score, and reputation reach. You would’ve searched dozens of top sites, downloaded all of your reviews, and scored your overall reputation based on good reviews versus bad reviews that you found. Then you’ve listed out below your bad reviews, so you can see what hundreds or even thousands of potential customers are seeing right now.

Part 2:

The next part of the report should detail your reputation and reach based on the top local directories. There are literally millions of customers on these sites every day now, it should automatically highlight the ones where your business listing is found. Also, it should show some major issues such as your listings that you haven’t claimed, or your company information that isn’t matching correctly. Check the details well so as to see the highlighted areas causing the big reasons why your phone isn’t ringing with more customers.

In addition, you’ll discover that actually worse details are highlighted specially showing that your business cannot even be found right now. Do not worry, however, because when you call us we’re going to give you a step-by-step process to give you the edge that your company needs and position you as an industry leader thus making customers reach out to you constantly.

Part 3:

This part of the report is crucial because it should talk about what customers are saying about you online presently. You should take the time to read through them and if you need further help ask. Now, if you didn’t find any reviews about your business, that’s just bad because remember a business cannot be trusted without at least 6 to 10 five-star reviews.

Now, if you’re seeing bad reviews right now, that’s exactly why your phone isn’t ringing as much as it should and as mentioned earlier we can show you how to eliminate these bad reviews and build a five-star reputation for your business fast.

We’re excited you’re here and you’re taking the next step in marketing online to improve your reputation marketing. We look forward to helping you take your business to a whole new level by positioning your company as the leader in the marketplace with a 5-star reputation. Happy marketing!