Let us talk about how you can use videos to market your business.

One of the big questions that always comes up is what kind of videos should I be producing? What kind of videos should I really spend my time and energy on today?

Today, I’m going to talk today about how to produce those videos, there’s a ton of different videos out there, tutorials and all that could make you just do things on your own, if you’ve got a team use your team, otherwise, if you’ve got a good mobile phone just use that and record videos that way.

We’ll be talking today more about the content and the strategy behind it. What kind of content? What kind of videos should you create and why? So we’re going to jump into that. There are 6 types of videos we’ll talk about here.

1. Intro Videos

Starting out, the first kind of video you can create, and this is really a great starting point is just an introduction to your business. Now usually these videos are tied very closely to your mission statement. The point of these videos is not to talk about your features, talk about your services, or your products or things like that, that can all come later, what this is really for is connecting with your customer, and sort of giving them an idea of who are you, what kind of experience are they going to have if they work with you, how are they going to feel afterward, how are you going to treat them, how do they feel about you and your business before they’ve even decided to do business with you and to work with you. So this kind of video is just that introduction. It’s kind of your elevator pitch, it’s the shaking hands with customers and prospects kind of videos, right?

All you’re trying to do here is showcase who you are, the heart of your business, your mission, and why it’s in the customer’s best interest to work with you.

2. Explainer Videos

Now the second kind of video is the one explaining your offer. And this is honestly probably one of the more common types of videos that you find. This is what you’d consider being more of a commercial, you’re expressing, and showcasing the different features and products the services that you have, this is where you’re kinda translating what do you have into what does the customer need, and what are the next steps to get it, right? So pretty basic kind of understanding of a video.

If you’ve ever seen a commercial this is what that is. You know, it’s really trying to connect the features, and the benefits or the advantages of whatever product or service that you are selling with your customer and what they’re trying to achieve.

Now you can go really high production with this, or you can make a low production with just a cell phone sort of showcasing what your product or service is all about. A lot of times you can use these videos on social media, this can be a behind-the-scenes kind of video. If you’re a property developer maybe it’s the behind-the-scenes of a work that’s being done, and then showcasing what it looks like afterward.

You know, you’re showing your product and your feature, and showing the customer what they can expect.


3. Customer Profile Videos

Number three is a customer profile. You may also call this a testimonial video, or a customer review or so. It’s always a plus for you to tell your customers stories such that you let them become embedded in the story of your company also.

We’re a small business and we also work with small businesses, so for us it makes sense to tell the story of the small businesses that we work with. Whether they’re are B2C or B2B it really doesn’t change the theory behind the video and the strategy that you’re going to employ.

What you’re doing here is telling your customer’s story, and allowing that video to display what another customer, a new customer, or potential customer might also experience. It’s like you’re pulling at the heartstrings a little bit, you’re having a conversation, you’re showcasing what was the experience of somebody just like you.

Someone just like you with the same characteristics wants and desires oftentimes have similar goals for working with us as a business, so it is beneficial to you when you connect with a potential customer emotionally by showing them the true experience that another customer had had with you before them.

As you may know, most people want to walk the path that’s a little bit easier because someone else had already walked it before them. It’s like you never want to be as a customer, you never want to be that first bird flying off the cliff into the air because there might be a fox down there waiting and ready to eat you. So by using these videos you can show that other people have been here before you, and other people had a great experience, and you can tap into that herd-mentality of if someone else similar to me had this kind of experience, I can expect to have an experience similar to that.

It’s a great way to showcase your business, showcase your product, showcase your customers, and earn some new ones.



4. Informational Marketing Videos

Video number four is informational marketing. There shouldn’t be a reason to pay for this kind of information or pay for education for your small business.

You can produce these and put them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, everywhere for free. It’s a great way to turn yourself into a thought leader, especially if it’s a space that you know. Maybe there’s room for someone like you, you do things a little bit differently, you offer a slightly different service or a new take on a new product or something like that. The videos could also be about how to use your product or access certain services you offer. For example, if you’re selling cameras, cameras are not always the easiest things to use, so there’s a lot of different pieces, and a lot of different elements that go into using a camera and being great at photography, shooting video, and so on.

You could create a video series based on how to use the product, then when somebody has questions, or want to buy the product that you have, they can find tutorials and “how-to” information that really helps to sell your product, and also sell them on the customer service that you’re going to offer, as a part of them is getting to be your customer. Informational marketing videos are incredibly powerful, just be sure to spend the time and the energy to create them. Once you’ve got them created, upload them everywhere, use them all the time, send them to your customers, help educate them, help them learn, they’ll come back and they’ll send their friends.

5. Company Culture Videos

Number five is company culture. A lot of businesses really need to focus on what does the culture of my company looks like? As consumers we don’t really want to work with companies that we don’t understand, or we don’t really like, or we’re just not really sure where they stand, or who are they, and if it’s this nameless faceless organization, it makes it hard to make decisions to work with that company as against another company or buy that product versus this product. So by really focusing on telling the story of your company culture, who works there, real people in the community, this is the impact that they have as a part of being employees at your company, by showcasing who you are, and showcasing that behind the scenes, it really helps to encourage new customers to decide to work with you.

So by highlighting what the company culture is at your company it will pay dividends for you. Now you might be thinking to yourself, listen, I’m just a small team, I got five people, or you know it’s just you know me and a partner in a boys-quarters or in a garage, that’s okay because all you’re doing is telling the story of your culture, even if it’s a story about how you got started, and why you’re doing what you’re doing, and what kind of culture you’re creating. Sometimes even more important, what kind of culture do you want to create?

Where do you see yourself going? What do you see your business becoming? At that point, you can get new customers involved in your mission, and involved in your vision.

6. Brand Affinity Video.

Now video number six is a brand affinity video. Now what is this, and how does this differ from some of the other videos? As the name indicates, brand affinity is really that storytelling. And maybe you’re not telling a story specifically about your company or your product, or your customers or something like that, you’re telling a story that your potential customer or your lead can connect with.

What is something that emotionally drives them? This brand affinity is going to be related to what’s their pain point? Why would they want to work with a company like you? Is there a way that they can connect emotionally and mentally with your mission and what you offer? How is it that you communicate and you connect with them?

Now we’re gonna be linking to a bunch of different video examples here, so you’ll be able to see different examples of these videos as well.

As a small business built on helping small businesses grow, your brand affinity video could be a tribute to entrepreneurs because it’s really important to tell the stories and to thank entrepreneurs, and small businesses for the stress and the struggle that they go through every single day. So that’s a great example of a brand affinity video. For your business, it may be different. What’s your mission, and how can you tell that story to other people, so it really just resonates and connects with them. They’re like oh, right, that’s the world I live in, that’s an experience I have, that’s something that I struggle with.

All these videos need to be honest and true, so don’t go out telling falsehoods just trying to connect with your potential client or potential customer.

This really needs to be something that is a part of your business, and a part of your mission to connect with them that way. By creating these videos, you create this emotional connection, and even if they aren’t going to work with you now, keeping that top-of-mind awareness will mean that they’ll work with you later.

Phew! Thank you so much for reading guys. If there are other videos that I’ve missed, or other tips and different creative strategies you have for creating videos be sure to leave them in the comments or drop them on our Facebook or Instagram pages, I’d like to hear your views.

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